Elastomania download

Here you can download new levels, graphic files, plug-ins and shareware version of Elastomania. Extract level files to Elastomania/LEV and LGR files to Elastomania/LGR.

Elastomania's files  

elma-shwr.zip1,2 MBShareware version - Elastomania 1.11
level-shwr.zip30 KB15 levels for shareware version
elma-full.zip32 KB3 large levels for full version

LGR - new graphics files  

Blue_lgr.zip434 KBAll in blue 
Canada_lgr.zip174 KBBackground and foreground were changed. 
Carmageddon_lgr.zip288 KBInteresting Carmageddon-graphic-file. 
cemetery_lgr.zip423 KBGood LGR file, dark background and light foreground. 
Choco_lgr.zip574 KBChocolate LGR file - good textures.
frotzy_lgr.zip271 KBWinter mode for Elastomania - snow etc. 
horror_lgr.zip710 KBHorror level. Apples were replaced with Judaic symbols... 
nightdriver_lgr.zip265 KBElastomania at night. 
shade_lgr.zip173 KBQuite bad LGR file, it's about universe. 
style_lgr.zip297 KBNot much different, color of driver and motorcycle were changed. 
sumo_lgr.zip45 KBCrazy graphic file, I using it now.
trinity_lgr.zip370 KBUnique graphic, good textures but little blind. 

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